Pete Wicks on the downsides of getting so much female attention…

After two messy on-screen splits with exes Megan McKenna and Shelby Tribble, we wouldn’t blame 
Pete Wicks for wanting to steer clear of the dating scene for 
a while.

But now the TOWIE 
star is taking part in Celebs Go Dating – alongside Megan!

When we catch up with the hunky 30-year-old, he admits that filming with Megan, 26, ‘wasn’t ideal’, but they’ve finally reached a place where they can be happy for each other.

We never thought we’d see the day!

Here, Pete talks about how turning 30 comes with pressure to settle down, his dream woman and catfishing…

Hi, Pete! How have you 
found Celebs Go Dating?

It’s different but enjoyable. 
I’ve been quite a prolific dater 
for the majority of my life, so it’s interesting to sit down and think about what you’re doing and have other people’s opinions – Paul and Anna dig deep, which I wasn’t prepared for.


What have you learnt about yourself from the show?

I’m a people pleaser. Where I’ve dated for so long, I’m now in 
a routine of ‘that’s how it should go and how it should be’ and that’s perhaps not the way it should be. I hate letting other people down, but it becomes worse in the long run.


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Has it been weird to film 
with your ex, Megan?

It’s not ideal is it, but it’s fine. 
It was a long time ago and 
I think we’ve both moved on. 
It’s a bit unusual, but it will 
be good viewing. I’ve never slagged her off and I’m not going to start now. She’s a good girl, it just didn’t work out.


Did spending time with her bring back any feelings?

We were both there for one reason, to meet other people. 
I hope she finds someone and I’m sure she wants the same thing for me. It’s nice that we’re both in the same position.

Did Paul and Anna make you sit down and talk?

We have spoken, put it 
that way. It’s going to be 
the best series yet!

How do you find getting so much female attention?

It makes it hard 
to trust women because you think, ‘Have they just got with me because I’m on the telly?’ It’s probably harder now than before I did telly because you don’t know what they’re after.

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Sometimes you just gotta take a minute…🙌🏼

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Have you ever been 
catfished by someone?

No, but I have been used as 
a catfish for someone else before. I’ve had some interesting DMs from people saying, ‘I’ve been talking to this guy for the last six months and he looks just like you,’ and the pictures they’ve sent are all of me! To be honest, it’s probably off-putting to use my pictures. Covered in tattoos and long hair, I am a bit like Marmite. I’m not the sort of man people really want to bring home to their mum, am I?

Pete Wicks

Yes, you are! Describe 
your dream woman…

The major thing for me is something you can’t put your finger on, it’s presence. When they walk into the room, you take notice. I also like ambition, 
a well-dressed woman and good skin. I like someone who can take the piss out of themselves as well. I’ve got a dry sense of humour and sometimes people don’t get it, so they need to be on the same level as me.

How have you changed since turning 30?

I feel old. People start going: ‘Oh you’re 30, are you gonna settle down now?’ No! You’ve just got to do everything at your pace and there is a risk of forcing things because you feel like you should do it. All my mates are in serious relationships or married with kids, and I’m just plodding along with the dogs!

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Tell us about your clothing brand, Hermano…

I’ve been working on it for 
18 months, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I really wanted to launch a brand that was accessible to everyone. Our signature pieces are the bold prints, inspired from catwalks, that people can’t buy easily.

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