Should this *cheeky* picture have been kept private?

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks are one of this year’s foremost examples of couples who have chosen to put their past troubles behind them, and move on as a team.

Just a couple of short months ago, it seemed as if the TOWIE pair were over for good, as Pete’s texting indiscretions with another woman put their romance on very shaky footing.

Nevertheless, after plenty of grovelling apologies (and a dedicated ‘M’ tattoo on Pete’s hand), Pegan is back on – and what better way to show it than with a couple’s holiday, and a half-naked selfie to boot?

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The most glamorous TOWIE are currently sunning their troubles away over in Dubai, where they’ve treated their fans to some very cute moments of their day – including a recreation of their very first date, with them drinking shots of cognac.

However, Pete kicked the holiday sharing up a notch on Thursday (15th December) when he shared a picture of them both in a lift – and Megan is showing the product of more a few squats…

Now that's a lift selfie…🍑😘

A post shared by Pete Wicks (@p_wicks01) on

‘Now that’s a lift selfie…’ commented Pete, 28, on the cheeky pic of Megan’s bum, topped off with a peach emoji and a kiss face.

Though there’s no denying that 24-year-old Megan’s looking great, some fans aren’t too impressed with the post, with some upset over the clear view of her, erm, assets.

‘Who needs to see that! Keep it to yourself. Used to really like Pete but look what he’s turning into #putmeoffmydinner’, reads one comment in particular – while another pokes fun at the fact that, if you look close enough, you can see Pete holding Megan’s handbag…

pete-and-megan-2 pete-and-megan-1

However, there are some who don’t find an issue with the photo. One follower replied:

‘What’s the difference of @megan_mckenna_ standing like that in a lift but you will watch all these women in music videos dancing around in clothes like that with there assets out. I’m sure there really gutted you disapprove so much. Carry on @p_wicks01 and @megan_mckenna_ just do you. Haters gon hate xxxx’

Haters gon’ hate indeed. Do you think the picture’s a step too far? Let us know your thoughts @CelebsNow!