Don't worry Nick Grimshaw, we'll be your mate if Peter Andre doesn't want to be.

He’s got more famous friends than we could ever dream of having.

But it seems not everyone is desperate to join Nick Grimshaw’s A-list squad.


During a video message broadcast at yesterday’s Radio 1 Teen Awards, Peter Andre called out Grimmy, who was on hosting duties, and basically told him to leave him alone. ‘In the last hour I’ve had 67 missed calls,’ Peter sternly spoke into camera. ‘Stop calling me.’

The bloody brilliant Brit pop star known as Charli XCX also weighed into the unlikely feud in a separate video message, adding: ‘Nick, stop asking me for Peter Andre’s number. I’m not going to give it to you.’

What could Nick possibly want with the all dancing star? Who knows! We’re hoping for some kind of Strictly meets X Factor collab. We’re also hoping (and assuming) the little showbiz spat is all about the banter and not to be taken too seriously…

Incase you’re wondering what else happened at the Teen Awards, here’s a little round up:

-5 Seconds Of Summer star Michael Clifford unfortunately fell off stage, watch the ouch moment HERE!
-One Direction won Best British Band and we’re still a little deaf from all the screams, despite them not actually being present to accept the award.
-Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance, which he celebrated by retweeting @NowMag’s tweet about his surprise appearance.

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