After Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh's traditional English wedding, read all the romantic details about their big day...

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have married at Mamhead House in Exeter, Devon on Saturday 11 July 2015.

Here’s everything you need to know about their special day…

Peter, 42, and 25-year-old Emily’s big day was a low-key affair ­ in complete contrast to Pete’s first wedding to Katie Price in 2005. The couple have been together since 2012 and have a one-year-old daughter Amelia. They got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2013 when Emily was pregnant with daughter Amelia in the baby’s nursery.

The venue

Built in 1833 as a marriage house’ for Robert Newman and his bride Mary,
Mamhead the estate includes a Grade II listed castle, a manor house, an Italian-style terrace, sunken gardens and 164 acres of land.

The wedding day

‘It would definitely be low-key I don’t like being the centre of attention,’ Emily has said.
’Which is a bit of a bummer when it’s our wedding day!’ Peter added. ‘As long as we do something very traditional and English I’m happy.’
‘I’ve always dreamt of my own wedding,’ Emily has said. ‘I have ideas on what I like, but I’m sure we’ll celebrate in some way in Cyprus and we’ll have all the kids doing something.’
‘Emily wants it to be English and Greek, but I’d love a traditional English wedding near Emily’s family in Somerset and then a few days later we fly out to Cyprus for a Greek wedding,’ Peter has revealed. ‘Rather than doing Greek and English in one night. I love the thought of a classy and elegant English wedding and then we’ll go to Cyprus and throw plates.’

The rings

The couple ­ ­ are so organised they already had their wedding ring made a year ago by designer Geralds Of Knutsford. ‘We got the three together ­ my engagement ring, eternity ring and wedding band,’ revealed Emily. 
’I had it made from a fantastic designer called Gerald of Knutsford outside Manchester – it took six weeks to get made,’ Peter said.
‘The only thing we’ve got is the wedding ring.,’ Emily has said. ‘We got three together – my engagement ring, eternity ring and wedding band. I have worn the three rings together. They look beautiful.’

The dress

Emily is believed to have taken inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge – and Kim Kardashian!
She’s previously revealed: ‘Kate’s is my dream dress. There’s nothing I don’t like ­ the veil, the dress, the long sleeves and an A-line skirt. I wouldn’t have a huge dress, just something simple. The Duchess of Cambridge’s dress is my dream dress. I’d have a replica of that if it wasn’t expensive.
‘I absolutely loved that dress. Kate looked beautiful. There’s nothing about it I don’t like – the veil, the dress, the long sleeves and the A-line skirt. I like the covered look – even a high neck like Kim Kardashian’s. I like it when brides are a bit covered up.’
‘Words can’t explain how stunning a bride Emily will be,’ Peter has gushed.

The bridal party 

Peter’s children from his marriage to Katie, Junior, 10, and Princess,
 eight, were expected to have key roles at the wedding. Peter’s previously 
said: ‘Princess is going to be a flower girl and Junior a pageboy.’
 He later said, ‘I would like Amelia to walk down the aisle. She and Bista can be bridesmaids.’
When it came to the best man, Pete had a difficult choice. ‘I’ve got four brothers and also two best friends in Australia and in the UK, and Emily’s brothers,’ he said.

The stag do

Last Wednesday, the couple had a joint hen and stag at Tulleys Farm in West Sussex, where close friends and family took part in archery lessons and shooting, and rode quad bikes. After drinks back at home, Pete then headed to Pure nightclub in Bexleyheath with friends and his brother.

Baby next?

Peter has said they’re keen to have another baby, ‘I reckon after we’re married, don’t you?’ with Emly replying, ‘Yeah. Pete wants a boy and I’d like another girl, but I want to enjoy Millie first.’

Congratulations Peter and Emily!


Caroline Millington