Peter Andre’s left heartbroken as his ‘perfect woman’ Angela Mogridge wants out…

Peter Andre had waxed his torso, topped up the spray tan and packed the kids off on holiday with ex-wife Katie Price.

So we can only imagine his heartbreak when new girl Angela Mogridge cast doubts on their burgeoning relationship within hours of visiting him in London last week.

Pete has made no secret of his feelings for old friend Angela, describing her as his ‘perfect woman’ with the only hurdle being that she lives in Australia.

The 38-year-old had even told pals this was going to be the visit when Angie, 31, agreed to ‘get serious’ with him.

But poor Pete‘s been left heartbroken – again – after his best efforts to impress her backfired when he took her to a show in the West End.

Pete took her to see Ghost: The Musical, but as they left they were besieged by photographers,’ says our source.

‘She hates the spotlight. It made her realise this is what her life would be like if she lived here and she didn’t like it.

‘Pete wanted to impress her with his celebrity status, but it did the opposite. She told him she isn’t sure if the whole circus is for her.’

Read the full story about Peter Andre and Angela Mogridge in Now magazine dated 29 August 2011 – out now! 

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