Star makes revealing comments on his TV show

In a sign of continuing hostilities between the pair Peter Andre, 40, has lifted his ban on mentioning Katie Price, 34, on his TV show – showing the gloves really are off.

Peter had previously kept a dignified silence on the mother 
of his two children.

his policy has come to an end 
with the new ITV2 series of 
Peter Andre: My Life.

In the first episode, Pete was shown getting upset about a statement Katie had posted 
on her website following her whirlwind marriage to Kieran Hayler, 26, on 16 January.

In it she lashed out at Pete‘s management, saying: ‘I know 
he has people around him that would want him to run me down if I took up stamp collecting, let alone get married quickly.’

His 1.2 million viewers watched as Pete held his head and winced: ‘I don’t want to read anything, to be honest, that she has to say.’

Later in the show he made two other telling remarks.

When Junior asked Peter‘s girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, 23, if her new gown is a ‘wedding dress’, Pete replies: ‘We don’t rush into things like that,’ a clear reference to Katie marrying Kieran after just five weeks.

Then Emily tells viewers Pete‘s told her to tone down her make-up, telling her: ‘You’re so naturally beautiful, you don’t need all that.’

Although he doesn’t mention Katie, it’s clear Peter doesn’t want Emily to resemble his make-up loving ex-wife.

A source close to Peter says: ‘It’s a big change to talk about Kate on the show.

clear she’s a nuisance he could do without.

‘No one watching can fail to have sympathy for him.’

Katie, whose Sky Living contract was not renewed, turned to social media.

On 5 April – the morning after Pete‘s show – she Tweeted: ‘Everyone is bored of your constant jibes now there [sic] not juicy … old news #bindyourbeak’, sparking speculation it could be about her ex.

She also appeared to belittle Pete‘s feelings for Emily after 
a Peter fan Tweeted: ‘He [Pete] says he’s got a beautiful, loyal and sensible girlfriend op 2 u’.

Katie and Pete‘s reps refused to comment.

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