Peter Andre and Elen Rivas don't go to fancy restaurants on their dates

Peter Andre has revealed that he and girlfriend Elen Rivas, 36, love nothing more than eating junk food together.

The couple prefer a quiet date to a swanky red carpet bash and recently saw the film Battle: Los Angeles together.

We went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and then went to the cinema,’ says Pete, 38.

The film was OK but I ate so many fajitas during dinner that I fell asleep halfway through.

We both like to pig out on junk food and bought so many sweets before the film started.’

Pete and Elen, who have been dating since November, also keep down-to-earth when they’re shopping.

There was a funny pap pic of Elen coming out of TK Maxx last week with loads of bags,’ says Pete.

I love a bargain as well and bought the best slippers I’ve ever had from Primark.’

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