Pete and Emily announced they're expecting their second child together last week

Not that we’re nosy or anything, but there’s SO much we want to know following last week’s exciting news that Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh are expecting their second baby. When’s it due? Is Emily having any weird cravings? And, most importantly, are they having a girl or boy!?

OK, maybe we’re a *little* nosy…

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And whilst Pete has answers to some of our questions, there’s one thing he can’t tell us: the baby’s sex.

That’s because Pete and Emily have decided not to find out what their having so that it can be a ‘surprise’ on the big day. Fair enough, we guess!

Pete revealed the couple’s decision in his latest new! magazine column, writing: ‘Ems isn’t showing at all yet. She’s so unbelievable! It does my nut in, lol.

‘We aren’t planning on finding out the sex because we want it to be a surprise for once.’

The singer also revealed: ‘We’re so happy to have had our three-month scan. If it all goes to plan we will have our bubba this year.’

Which tells us that Emily is due sometime in December. At least that’s one of our questions answered!

He also confessed that Emily wasn’t too impressed with him announcing the news on social media, saying: ‘As soon as we left the hospital, I put the picture of Emily’s scan on Twitter. She was like, ‘Could you have at least waited until we got home?’ But typical me, I couldn’t.’

Pete added Ems isn’t currently experiencing any food cravings (unlike Stephanie Davis, who reckons she can’t stop eating pickles at the moment), and confessed to being very excited about his growing family.

‘It’s very exciting the family is expanding. The kids are happy as Larry, although I don’t know anyone called Larry…’

Neither do we, but we’re VERY happy for you too!

[GIF] Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre