Yikes, Pete!


‘Tis the season for roast dinners and plenty of over-indulgences… ain’t that right, Peter Andre?!

Taking to the Lorraine studios with his wife Emily MacDonagh as his plus one yesterday, the couple revealed how they will be getting festive over the Christmas season.


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As the 45-year-old gave a cookery demonstration in the studio, he couldn’t resist a lil’ tongue in cheek comment about the sausage snacks he was preparing.

As Emily prepped the festive bites for the audience at home, the mother-of-two explained: ‘We are going to cut it into squares, basically they depend on the size of the sausage, so we are going for small sausages.’

Innocently, she then added: ‘If you have larger sausages you could cut the pastry larger.’

Seeing an unmissable opportunity, Pete then retorted: ‘You better start cutting them large, lets go.’

Flashing his wife of three years a mischievous grin, Emily then replied: ‘Stop looking at me from the corner of your eye.’

How cheeky!

It appears Pete has been embracing the festive season with open arms – recently sharing a defiant message against the speculation of his plans for the big day.

With much interest in whether or not Peter’s eldest tots, 13-year-old Junior and Princess, 11, will be joining their mother Katie Price for the festivities, Pete took to Twitter to dispel the false rumours.

Confirming the duo will be joining their 40-year-old mum, Pete posted: ‘Of Course the children (j and p) will be with their mum for Christmas. This was always the case. And so they should. She is their mum. Have a good day :))).’

Responding to the message, many fans were pleased to read Peter’s kind words for his ex-wife.

‘You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone Pete. Have a lovely Christmas,’ one replied.

‘I love @KatiePrice & that’s such a nice tweet Peter even though what you both do is not our business. Happy Christmas to both families x #FamilyIsEverything,’ a second added.

A very merry Christmas to Pete and family!