Fears for his children and career push him over the edge in public...


Since his split from Jordan last May, Peter Andre has tried to put on a brave face, but that fragile mask finally slipped earlier this month when Jordan’s marriage was confirmed.

The 36-year-old was being interviewed live on Sky News by presenter Kay Burley as part of his tour for new album Unconditional: Love Songs.

He first became emotional when asked about Jordan’s marriage, then broke down completely when questioned about his children.

Unable to finish the interview, he walked off in tears. Viewers saw Pete’s inner turmoil bubble after an angry outburst. Kay revealed on her blog that he later sobbed in her arms.

‘Now that Katie’s married, another man will be permanently around his kids and Pete can’t do anything about it,’ says Now’s source.

‘He’ll find it harder to take them on holidays or days out. And what would he do if they move to the US for Alex’s fighting career or to build on her empire?

‘Or if she wants to change their surname to Reid in the same way as she took the name Price from her stepdad?

Katie Price | Alex Reid | Now Magazine | PicturesPete’s tried to laugh off the wedding as a car crash and his management have now said: “You need a girlfriend. Any girl will do.”

‘But it’ll take more than a girl to get his life on track because that still won’t get his kids back.’

Family lawyer Denise Lester warns: ‘Alex could apply for parental responsibility for the children, including Harvey, as the step-parent.

When asked about the wedding, Pete said: ‘You know what I’m going to celebrate tonight? I’m going to go home, I’m going to cook my kids a nice meal and I couldn’t care less.

‘And I’m so sorry, I’m not being bitter. I understand I have to be asked these questions, that’s why I don’t complain about it, but the bottom line is I know what I focus my attention on…

‘Sure, if I wasn’t working so much I’d probably have a lot of time on my hands to think about a lot of things. But I’m grateful for that because it takes my mind off of everything.’

He lost it when asked about adopting Harvey, which his biological father Dwight Yorke called ‘disrespectful’. Pete said: ‘I asked to adopt him because I love him. I didn’t ask to adopt him to be disrespectful.

‘He’s in my life, he calls me Dad. I never said I’m his father, but I’m so proud to have him in my life. And it angers me when I get a comment like that.

‘Why is that disrespectful because I ask to look after someone’s child? I thought that was a good thing. I thought that’s what we’re supposed to do in this world. I don’t understand that.’

What Kay Burley later said on her blog:

Kay BurleyPeter Andre broke down on my show and when I went to check during an ad break that he was OK, he sobbed on my shoulder in the Green Room.

‘He’d discovered not 12 hours earlier that the mother of two of his children had married without even bothering to tell him and was devastated at the very thought that she might want to take the youngsters away from him…

‘As we stood and chatted about parenthood he said he was relieved he’d finally vented some of the pent-up tension he’d been feeling.’

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