Peter Andre drops a love bombshell…


Since his split with Katie Price, Peter Andre‘s been terrified to fall in love again.

But as his ex prepares for marriage number three with Leandro Penna, Peter, 39, hopes that one day he can take 
the plunge again, too.

He’s tackling his terror 
of commitment by throwing himself back into the dating scene.

‘I’ve never had a problem with intimacy. But I do find it scary taking it to the next level,’ he tells us in our exclusive interview.

‘I admit that I had a commitment phobia [after Katie] but, to be honest, I 
think I’ve started to overcome it.

‘I mean, maybe I’ve met the person I’m supposed to marry.

I’ve met the girl I’m going to be with. Sometimes the person you’re meant to marry is right under your nose, but you don’t realise it. 

‘I’ve had friends who’ve said they were searching and searching for years and it ended up being one of their best friends… so who knows?’

Read the full interview with Peter Andre in Now magazine dated 28 May – out now!

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