Pass the leftover turkey! Peter Andre isn't a fan of diets


Sounds like Peter Andre will be tucking into some hearty Christmas grub over the festive season.

The singer – known for rocking a six-pack in the 1990s when he stormed the charts with Mysterious Girl – admits that he has relaxed his approach to eating over the years but still has to have a balance.

‘[My tour diet is] eat whatever you can find!’ quips Peter Andre, 41. ‘I’ve never been one for diets.’

‘Actually, I used to be extremely strict, but I do know I have to discipline myself a little bit more because I’m the type of person that if I’m going to eat what I want then I have to train.

‘I can’t have both – I can’t eat what I want and not exercise.’

Peter Andre clearly loves munching on his favourite treats.

‘I love food,’ he says. ‘I just love it.’

While ardent foodie Pete has to work out a lot to stay in shape, his fiancée Emily MacDonagh is able to get away with doing less.

‘She’s luckily one of those people who doesn’t work out and looks fantastic,’ the dad-of-three explains. ‘She used to play hockey and she could get back in to it easily.’

Back in September, Peter Andre looked quite skinny in some pictures he posted online and told Now that he wants to look super-fit by the time he turns 42.

‘I want to shoot a calendar on the day of my birthday [27 February],’ the singer says.

‘I never post any topless pictures of myself – it’s very rare that I would do anything like that. But on my birthday I want to be in my best ever shape, like I was back in the Mysterious Girl days when
 I was 22.

‘I want someone to put the two topless pictures together and compare them for fun!’

Now that sounds like a great idea! 

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