The singer's family are learning his language

Peter Andre has revealed that his young family are picking up on his Grecian heritage – by taking the Mickey! (Mouse, that is.)

The singer – who was born to Greek Cypriot parents in London but grew up in Australia – is keen for his baby daughter Amelia to speak the lingo.

‘I want her to learn Greek, so I’ve started putting Mickey Mouse on YouTube in Greek so she can learn,’ says Pete, 41.

‘I’m learning more Greek than I’ve ever learnt in my life by watching cartoons!’

It’s not just Peter Andre and baby Amelia who are getting familiar with the language – Pete’s fiancée Emily MacDonagh, 25, is also becoming knowledgeable.

‘Emily is starting to pick up on so many Greek words,’ explains Pete.

‘I’ll have a conversation with my mum on the phone, hang up, and Emily can tell me what was said.’

Becoming parents to baby Amelia has clearly brought Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh even closer.

The couple – who welcomed their little girl in January 2014 – are passing on a relaxed aura to the tot.

‘I’m quite a chilled-out person and so is Em, so together we keep Amelia calm,’ says Pete.

‘It’s definitely easier after having the other kids. Normally having your first child is daunting, but there’s no one better than Emily because her mum is a paediatrician.

‘Now I know what her cries mean, so I know if she’s tired or hungry.’

Pete obviously feels much more confident as a parent than he used to. Just last year he revealed how nervous he was about Emily’s labour before Amelia arrived.

His two children from his marriage to Katie Price – Junior, 9, and Princess, 7 – were both born by Caesarean.

‘Ems is having a natural birth, so I don’t know what to expect,’ Pete told TV Magazine.

‘I haven’t experienced that before. I never really knew what labour was – I thought it was the opposite to the Liberals!

‘I’ll let Emily guide me on what to do.’

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