Proud dad Peter Andre opens up about his family life with Emily MacDonagh


Whilst many parents with young children endure sleepless nights and toddler tantrums, Peter Andre says he’s had it remarkably easy with baby daughter Amelia.

The singer welcomed his little girl with fiancée Emily MacDonagh in January 2014 and it sounds like she’s a very chilled out tot.

‘[She’s] really good. She’s so cute and funny,’ says Pete, 42.

‘She wakes up in the morning laughing, not crying! She loves her food, but never cries for it.’

In fact Pete thinks Amelia is pretty flawless.

‘She’s the perfect child,’ he gushes. ‘I’m like, “Hello, can you whinge a bit?”’

Having such a laid-back little girl has come as a surprise to Pete. The TV star is also dad to son Junior, 9, and daughter Princess, 7, from his marriage to Katie Price and he admits that Princess – nicknamed Bista – wasn’t quite so easy as a baby.

‘Junior was really easy, but Bista was a bit difficult, which is why I’m surprised Amelia’s so good!’ he says.

Pete thinks that Amelia’s nature shows both elements of himself and 25-year-old Emily.

‘She’s like me on the sleeping front – I love my sleep!’ the dad-of-three tells New magazine. ‘But she’s more like Emily with food…

‘If you don’t mention it, she won’t want it, but when she eats she loves it! That’s why Emily looks the way she looks.

‘She’s also calm like Emily, but she’s like me with her cheekiness.’

We can imagine! Unsurprisingly doting dad Pete is a very hands-on father and is happy to share out parenting duties with Emily, who recently qualified as a doctor.

‘I’m really hands-on. I love putting Amelia to bed,’ the singer says.

‘I don’t like changing nappies, whereas Emily will be like, “I would rather change the nappies and do the bath if you want to put her to bed!”

‘I always say yes – that’s my quiet time, so it’s nice.’

Could this family get any cuter?! We think not!

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