But singer insists he doesn't really mind


Peter Andre has revealed he often doesn’t know Jordan’s had a boob jobs until after the procedure.

But the singer defended his wife’s decision not to tell him by likening the action to buying a handbag.

‘I am going to be straight,’ he says. ‘Do you ever consult your husband about the bag you’re going to buy or the clothes you’re going to wear?

‘You know what girls are like and it’s understandable.’

Peter, 35, says he and Jordan, 30, real name Katie Price, have a solid relationship, despite recent rumours they’re set to split.

‘My mum Thea and dad Savva have been married for 52 years and I’m going to prove to everyone that you can do it in a modern day relationship,’ he tells BBC Breakfast.

‘I love it, I think it is great, you know. The main thing for us is that we’ve got the backbone of loving each other and the backbone of having unbelievable children.’

In August, Jordan had a breast reduction – her fifth boob job – to give her 32C cups.