Singer says it's hard to find time alone together


Peter Andre has admitted that having children has changed his attitude towards sex.

The singer reckons he spends more time with step-son Harvey, 6, and kids Junior, 3, and Princess Tiáamii, 11 months, than he does with wife Katie Price – aka Jordan.

When asked how having a family affects their sex life, he says: ‘It ruins it! But it’s about finding time for us as a couple and realising sex is no longer the No1 priority in our relationship.’

But Pete, 35, says he and 30-year-old Jordan still want to add to their brood.

‘We would like 7 or 8,’ he says. ‘We’d have 1 tomorrow but Princess isn’t a year old yet. There’s plenty of time.’

Pete has also announced that he’s to star with David Gest in his show David Gest… My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza. It opens in the UK on 4 October.

Alison Adey