Singer says he'll miss Britain while he's away


Peter Andre has rubbished claims that the reason he and wife Jordan and setting up home in the States is to fix their relationship.

The singer insists they are stronger than ever, despite rumours to the contrary.

‘It’s true we’re moving to LA for 3 months after Christmas, but it’s certainly not so we can try to save our marriage,’ Pete says.

‘Firstly, my marriage doesn’t need to be saved thank you very much and secondly, we’re actually going there to work.

‘We’ve decided to film the whole of the next series of our show in LA and this obviously means spending a lot of time there.’

Pete, 35, and Jordan, 30 – real name Katie Price – are hoping to make the most of their American stay.

‘We’ve always said we’d never move to LA permanently and this is still very much the case,’ he says.

‘I’m looking forward to it because as long as I’ve got my wife and kids around me, I’m happy. But I’ll definitely miss old Blighty.’