Peter Andre says Emily MacDonagh can rely on him

Peter Andre is a changed man. He’s ditching pop and flashing his flesh for dapper suits and new swing album Big Night.

But there’s something else. The Peter of five years ago suffered anxiety attacks, battled body insecurities and was terrified of having his heart broken again.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for children Junior, eight, and Princess, six, he admits he would have packed it in and ‘gone home’ to Australia.

Now, however, he’s genuinely happy for the first time in years. ‘I’m relaxed,’ says the 41-year-old.

‘I feel like I did when I was 16, appreciating my work and my life.’

The reason for the transformation is of course fiancée Emily MacDonagh, 24 – mother of his four-month-old daughter Amelia.

The pair are about to be parted as he goes on tour for three months but Peter knows the relationship is strong.

‘Yeah. It’s pretty special,’ hetells us. ‘She’s great for me. She doesn’t get fazed by anything and she lets me be myself.

‘I say to her: “I’m very grateful for the way you are, but don’t worry, I won’t take the piss.”

That’s important – if someone’s really kind to me and given me freedom, I don’t want 
to take the piss by going out partying all the time. That wouldn’t be cool.’

Peter’s album Big Night is out now. Tickets for the Big Night tour are available from

Read the full interview with Peter Andre in this week’s Now magazine dated 2 June 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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