Peter was actually in the controversial two-part special.

Peter Andre has revealed that he will not watch controversial Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, for fear it will ‘break his heart’.

The 46-year-old admitted he couldn’t bring himself to watch last week’s two-part special, which was based around interviews with two former childhood fans, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who allege Michael abused them when they were children.


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But just shortly after publicly defending the late King of Pop, Peter – who has always been a huge Jackson fan and friend of the family – confessed that the thought of sitting through the documentary at the moment would have just made him ‘uncomfortable’.

‘I chose not to watch the film,’ he admitted in his weekly column for new! magazine.

‘I will eventually, but it’s going to be very uncomfortable and the thought of any of it being true is going to break my heart.’

He added: “We cannot and must not ignore the voices of any victims, but what if he didn’t do it? For me, this is where the problem lies. Shouldn’t we wait for some sort of evidence?’

The dad-of-four also reminded people again that Michael was acquitted of all sex abuse charges brought against him in 2005.

But if he is ever proven to be guilty, then Peter admitted ‘it’s absolutely terrible’.

Peter Andre

While he may not have watched Leaving Neverland, Peter did confirm that he actually made an appearance in the first episode.

He was spotted as a young boy taking part in a 1987 dance competition in Australia to win a face-to-face with the Thriller hitmaker.

Peter was 15-years-old at the time and came second to Wade, one of Michael’s alleged victims.

Peter Andre

He later admitted that he’s still devastated that he didn’t get to meet his idol.

‘I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sad for months and months afterwards because the prize was to meet him and I never did,’ he told The Sun Online.

‘I felt devastated because I was very close to winning and, obviously, I wanted it to be me.’

Quizzed on whether he has ever thought about what could have happened if he had won that day, Peter added: “My mind has never gone to that, ever.’