Did you spot him?

Peter Andre has confirmed that he was in Leaving Neverland, the controversial documentary about Michael Jackson, who has been accused of child sex abuse.

The 46-year-old was spotted as a young boy taking part in a 1987 dance competition in Australia to win a face-to-face with the late King of Pop.


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Peter was 15-years-old at the time and came second to Wade Robson, who went on to allege that Michael sexually abused him as a child.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker can be seen standing in a line dressed as his idol, wearing a black fedora hat and a red bow tie, along with Michael’s signature short trousers, white socks and loafers.

Peter Andre

Peter confirmed to The Sun that it was indeed him pictured in the dance competition in last night’s episode of the two-part documentary.

The insider told The Sun Online: ‘Pete was devastated to lose out to Wade.

‘However, he has always supported Michael and loves his music – even though he didn’t win he became close with his family.’

They added: ‘Peter is always asked what he thinks about it all.’

Peter could have actually won the competition, as Wade was too young to enter.

Peter Andre

After winning the contest, Wade danced with MJ at a concert in Australia the following night, which kicked off a friendship between the pair.

Wade later moved to America, where he alleges he was groomed and then sexually abused by Michael for years.

Peter’s shock cameo comes after he defended the late singer, saying his music shouldn’t be banned despite sex abuse allegations against him.

‘There’s a new Michael Jackson documentary on this week and it has caused a lot of controversy about sexual abuse,’ he wrote in his new! Magazine column.

‘First and foremost what I will say is we have to rely on the justice system and we mustn’t forget that he was acquitted of not just one, but all child molestation charges during his trial in 2005.’

Peter added: ‘You can’t just stop listening to an artist’s music due to accusations alone. And let’s not forget some of his songs weren’t even written by him.’