The reality TV star doesn't want to his nether regions tackled


Peter Andre has no intention of volunteering for a This Morning grooming session.

The TV show featured Pineapple Dance StudiosLouie Spence performing a back, sack and crack wax on hunky volunteers this week, with presenters Holly Willoughby and Ben Shepherd giggling throughout.

‘I like being well groomed and I look after myself, but I’d draw the line at a total stranger being that close to my nether regions,’ says Pete, 37.

‘It looks more painful than anything else.

‘If I want to remove any unwanted hair, I get out the Veet!’

Pete – who showed off a smooth, hair-free chest in the video for Mysterious Girl back in 1996 – doesn’t mind having some short and curlies here and there, preferring a more manly look.

‘It’s good to have some hair, surely?’ he asks.

‘A man has to be a man.’

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