Peter Andre and Elen Rivas ended things face to face

Peter Andre insists he’s still great friends with model Elen Rivas following their split last week.

The couple broke up after 4 and a half months of dating because it got increasingly difficult to spend quality time together.

‘I did not end the relationship over the phone, but when I saw Elen last Friday,’ says Pete, 38.

‘I did adore Elen, she is so stunning and I know we’ll remain good friends.

‘But the fact is I just didn’t get the chance to see her in the end.

‘It’s not fair for me to ask her to put up with me being on the road for weeks at a time.’

Mysterious Girl singer Peter, 38, and Elen, 36, got together at joint manager Claire‘s 45th birthday party on 20 November last year and have always denied claims of a faux-mance. 

‘I am hurt that some people have suggested our relationship wasn’t real,’ he says.

‘I would never be part of something like that.

‘We never did any work together because we didn’t want people thinking this was ever about publicity.’

Pete Tweeted yesterday: ‘We are still brill friends . Hanging out on wednesday . She is ace.’ 

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