Peter Andre tells all about the birthday parties and embarrassing jokes he shares with his kids Princess and Junior


We love our dads – they’re our taxi drivers, shoulder to cry on, and are full of wisdom and advice that we inevitably won’t listen to – they’re our go-to-guy. And it seems like it work’s the other way round as well, as Peter Andre talked about what he’s like as a dad to his three kids.

‘I know it sounds cheesy but they really are my best friends.’

Speaking about the relationship he has with his kids in OK! Magazine, 10-year-old Junior and seven-year-old Princess from his previous marriage with Katie Price, the 42-year-old shared that he wants ‘to be their mate and have fun with them.’ And it seems like the feeling’s mutual as Princess told him: ‘I don’t know why we’re best buddies but we are.’
Aw cute! Total daddy’s little girl.

And what do best friends do best? Hold your hand through thick and thin, and help each other conquer one another’s fears!

On a recent family holiday, Pete and his kids got up to all sorts, including zip wiring, despite his fear of heights.

‘You could say Junior and Princess helped me conquer my fear.’

But even when your pops is your best buddy, that doesn’t stop him embarrassing you. He is still your dad after all.

‘Junior is constantly telling me that I embarrass him. When we’re along he’s really affectionate and wants hugs and kisses but if I got to cuddle him in front of his mates he gets really shy and tells me I’m being ‘uncool’.’

‘And besides, I hear them retelling my jokes to their friends so they can’t be that bad.’

Who isn’t a sucker for a dad joke?

From the sounds of it, his kids are the apple of Pete’s eye, and he isn’t afraid to show it by spoiling them. With Junior’s tenth birthday recently just gone, Peter went all out and surprised him and two of his friends with a private helicopter flying over London, and gave him a signed shirt from Manchester United, complete with a recorded message from Wayne Rooney. Wow! Puts the GameBoy that we got to shame…

‘I don’t mind the kids being a bit spoilt so long as they don’t turn into brats. I always remind them that they’re very lucky to be able to have all these amazing experience that most kids their ages aren’t able to.’

But it’s not all just helicopter rides and famous footballers. Petey boy’s making sure that his children know about their heritage too as he’s trying to teach his youngest, Amelia, to speak Greek: ‘I’d like her to be able to communicate properly with my parents when she’s older and she’s slowly picking it up.’

Multi-lingual and birthdays in the sky? Where do we sign up be part of the Andre crew!

Could Peter’s family be growing even bigger?

Amy Lo