Peter Andre wasn't always the secure super-dad we know him as today


You’d think someone like Peter Andre – a man renowned for his Aussie abs and N’Sync-level 90s curtains – would never feel insecure, but the singer-turned-reality star has opened up about why he turned to surgery.

After being teased for a hook at the end of his nose, Peter had rhinoplasty (a nose job) fifteen years ago because it bothered him that much.

Speaking to new! magazine ahead of his Come Swing With Me tour, they asked if he is ever worried about daughters Princess and Amelia turning to surgery like many other female celebrities, so the star opened up about his own experience.


‘I had a nose job about 15 years ago. I had a strange old nose and I absolutely hated it. I was really under-confident about it.

‘If you’re old enough – I was in my late twenties – and it’s something that’s really bothering you, then I think it’s OK. In moderation, and only if it really, really bothers you, and you’re over 18.’

Peter Andre Mysterious Girl GIF

So if the girls – or his son, Junior – wanted surgery, they’ve got quite a long time to wait before that happens. Leaving it until he was an adult definitely worked for Peter Andre, though, as he says he has no regrets about the decision.

‘Not at all. I hated my nose and my face. I had curtains at the time and when I look back, they were literally like curtains covering my face because I didn’t like how I looked.’

In the past Peter Andre has admitted to having Botox annually as well to keep those lines from getting too deep, though he admitted he ‘was proud to have a few lines’.

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Well the lines haven’t discouraged him at all as he’s now working out four times a week for his new tour, getting him so fit that the singer recreated the Mysterious Girl picture on holiday last week.

Peter Andre, everybody, he never gets old.

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