Peter Andre proved his dad charm can outsmart his kids when he surprised daughter Princess with a gift she's always wanted... apple AirPods

The Mysterious Girl singer is dad to Junior, 14, and Princess, who he has with ex wife Katie Price and has daughter Amelia, five, and son Theo, two, with wife Emily.

And like most parents, his kids want all the latest gadgets, so he thought he’d surprise daughter Princess, 12, with something she has always wanted some wireless headphones.

And in order to give thanks to her beloved dad, Princess recorded as sweet video of herself opening the gift box.

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She said, ‘OMG thank you for getting me air pods I’m so happy, thank you so much, wait, I don’t want to ruin them, OMG…’

Her eyes lit up but it wasn’t all as it seemed.

‘Dad, no that’s not funny!’ she sulked as she opened the box to realise she’d been given it empty.

And fans empathise with her. One wrote, ‘Bless her, hope your going to help her get some, was so sweet she went to post this for you bless,’ and another wrote, ‘Haha that’s so mean’.

But is it a case of Princess being the smarter one by creating the scenario in a bid to persuade her dad to buy her some?

Another fan put, ‘Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, I like her style.’ as it seems Princess just randomly sent Pete this video sketch.

He captioned the clip, ‘These are the kind of random things my kids send me. She does make me laugh #airpodsnoairpods #gotcha’

Either way it looks like Princess is turning into a right little character in front of the camera, and it won’t be long before she’s got a following of her own to share her videos with…

Pete had better watch out, there’s another funny star about to follow in his footsteps!