This week's BGT singer has quite the celeb following, including a fan in Peter Andre and a record deal with David Walliams!

Not many people can say they have Peter Andre as a fan of theirs, but this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent singer, Paul Manners, certainly can.

Before his Britain’s Got Talent appearance, Paul hosted and sang at Peter Andre’s brother’s wedding in Cyprus. And Peter was quite impressed.

‘Paul, you don’t look the part, but you sound amazing,’ Peter said, apparently.

‘I am so grateful to have a lot of celebrity fans, but try not to talk about it,’ Paul says.

Paul, who’s a 30-year-old Londoner, has a whole string of accolades to his name. Singer, songwriter, producer, quiz host, keyboard player – the list goes on.

And on Saturday’s night show he even whips out an impression of cartoon character Mr.Burns from The Simpsons. In fact, the moment that he steps onto the stage, it seems like Paul is quite a character himself.

When asked his age, Paul says he’s 30, before letting out a little chuckle. Alesha Dixon asks what’s so funny, and Paul just replies, ‘Oh I dunno!’ before the whole place cracks up with laughter.

As Paul begins to his performance – which he wrote, recorded, mixed and produced himself FYI – he lets out some good ol’ power ballad notes and there’s a techno beat going. We’re definitely getting a Eurovision vibe.

Before you know it, Ant and Dec are singing ‘hold you in my arms’, David‘s holding Simon, Alesha and Amanda are cuddling. David and Amanda even throw some shapes – it’s a right ol’ knees up!

David Walliams looked like he was right into Paul’s tune, and said he thinks it’s a hit record.

‘Would you manage Paul and finance that record? That’s what I would do. Put my money where my mouth is’, Simon Cowell says to David‘s comment.

After some cheering from the crowd and a big grin, David says, ‘no problem’, and Simon announces: ‘Paul. You’ve now got yourself a record deal with David Walliams!’

Just when we thought Simon and David‘s bromance couldn’t get any closer, they now have another job in common!

We’ll make sure to keep our eye out for Paul’s records in stores! Looks like Peter Andre may not be the only fan of Paul’s for much longer…

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