Peter Andre's dance partner Janette Manrara has spilled the beans on his secret strategy

Peter Andre is already a firm favourite on Strictly Come Dancing, despite the fact that the series hasn’t even started yet.

Despite saying that he ‘didn’t think [he] was competitive’, Pete is getting fired up for the competition, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by his dance partner Janette Manrara.

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Speaking to the Radio Times, she said that Pete’s ‘passion’ is his secret weapon, and he certainly seems to be dedicated to the dancing.

‘What will disappoint me the most is if I do a week and I’m not as good as last week. I want to be better each week!’ he said.

That’s fighting talk if ever we heard it, Peter!

He also seemed to be getting on well with Janette, who joked that Pete is at her mercy for the duration of the show, saying, ‘He’s mine!’

Pete didn’t seem to mind, though. ”That fact she’s such a sweetheart makes it so much easier,’ he said.

He’s also happy to be a part of a show that’s long been a favourite of his. ‘It’s the best show on telly, everyone knows that!’ he told the interviewer.

We bet his wife Emily MacDonagh will agree once she sees her hubby strutting his stuff!