Singer says pills gave him palpitations


Peter Andre was once rushed to hospital after taking body building stimulants.

The 35-year-old singer was obsessed with his body image when he rose to fame in the 90s and says he started taking supplements containing ephedrine to help him bulk up.

‘After a week of taking [them] – many years ago now – I was feeling incredibly energetic,’ he says.

‘But one morning I took it, began walking to the gym and suddenly my body went into shock. I had pins and needles and heart palpitations.’

Fortunately it wasn’t serious, but it was enough to convince Pete to stop.

‘When I got [to hospital] they gave me a sedative, which helped calm me down,’ he says.

‘Even though they claimed I was panicking about panicking, which helped bring the symptoms on, not long after that I heard ephedrine had been banned in sport because it had been causing people to have panic attacks.’

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Alison Adey

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