Aww! Loved up Peter Andre reveals his and fiancée Emily MacDonagh's secret baby plans


He’s a busy man is that Peter Andre. Not only is he a popstar who’s on a new tour, he presents, does voiceovers, lends his face to Iceland…oh and he’s a father of three – Junior, nine, Princess Tiiammi, seven, and Amelia, seven months.

Now Pete, 41, has revealed that he’d like to take the tally up to four. Brave man.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Pete reveals that he and fiancée Emily MacDonagh, 24, would love to have another baby…and they’ve already got a ‘plan’.

He says: ‘I mean ideally we’d get married first, even though we didn’t the first time. But that doesn’t matter.

‘That would be the plan – for Emily to finish uni [she’s doing a medical degree at the University of Bristol], get married at some point and then of course have another baby.’

Emily is due to finish her degree in three months’ time so that means a new baby [their second together] could be planned for next year.

Peter Andre also admitted that as Amelia gets older her parents will have careers that couldn’t be more different.

He says: ‘It’s a slight difference, isn’t it? When Amelia gets older and someone asks: “So what does your mother do?” “Well my mother saves lives.” “What does your father do?” “Well he performs on stage, is on TV commercials and is a presenter.” Slight difference!’

When it comes to which of his kids take after him, it looks like both Junior and Princess – his children from his marriage to Katie Price – have inherited his performing genes.

‘They’re both big-time performers – they sing all day long!’ he says. But more Junior. ‘At a recent family party he got on the dance floor and busted out some amazing moves. I said: “Junior, where did you learn to dance like that?” he went: “Err, hello – you!” I’ve got a pretty cool job according to them, so that makes me really happy.’

‘Pretty cool job’? If our dad wrote Insania we’d be shouting it from the rooftops and get Peter Andre T-shirts made stating our claim to fame. But then, maybe that’s just us.

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Lauren Franklin