Groomzilla? We don’t think so. This wedding business has got Peter Andre in a right fluster


He may be one of the friendliest, breeziest blokes in showbiz, but there’s one thing that makes the usually chilled-out Peter Andre totally ‘clam 
up’: wedding talk.

Pete, 41, got engaged to 25-year-old Emily MacDonagh – the gorgeous mother of his eight-month-old daughter Amelia – in January, but since then there’s been no word 
of a wedding date.

So what’s going on, Peter? Have nerves got the better of you? We chat to the charming Mr Andre about his wedding day jitters and how he’s coping now medical student Emily’s gone back to uni…

Pete, we’re desperate for a wedding! What’s taking so long?

When I proposed in very early January, I said about two years because I wanted Emily to finish her medical degree and get settled into her new job. Also, 
I want Amelia to be a proper little flower girl.

So do we have any 
idea of a date yet?

I reckon it’ll be in 
the next 18 months, definitely.

How exciting! Do 
you know what you 
want it to be like?

Look, I can’t 
talk too much about it because 
I freak out.

What do 
you mean?

Did you see my reality show when we went to Mothercare while Emily was pregnant? I was over-babied – we were talking about breast pumps and loads of other baby stuff. It all got too much and I freaked out.

The same thing happens with wedding talk – I just clam up. I don’t know what to say. I’d like to make it all last-minute, but Emily would love to take her time and organise it properly.

You’d just prefer to turn 
up on the day?

I would love for Emily to organise it all. I just want to say: ‘Leave 
the food and entertainment to me and you do whatever.’

That sounds like you’d get the fairer end of the deal!

I do! How fun is that part? We’ll work it all out, it’ll just be great.

Emily’s gone back to uni – how’s she finding it?

It was daunting for for her leading up to it because she was meant to finish last December, but she had to defer the final term when she fell pregnant. She’s in the full swing of things now, though.

The big exams are in December and I’m confident she’ll be great.

Being a new mum and completing a medicine degree sounds so tough – you must 
be really proud of her.

It’s awesome to think she’ll soon be Dr Emily MacDonagh. At the moment, whenever I ask her medical things, I always get a second opinion – it’s a sort of joke we have. But come January I can’t do that any more 
because she’ll be a doctor.

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