Having lost his brother to cancer, Peter Andre shares the moving story of a dad-of-two’s battle


Peter Andre has shared a very emotional Twitter post after being affected by the story of a cancer victim.

The 42-year-old star spoke out about the story of Anthony Evans, a dad-of-two battling throat cancer, and posted a moving video depicting Anthony’s journey through the illness.

The footage features pictures of Tony and his family interspersed with signs detailing his story. He reveals how he discovered a lump in his throat last year and was shocked to learn that he had cancer.

During the video the extremity of his ordeal is revealed, from having teeth removed in preparation for the ‘hard and intrusive’ treatment to living on custard when swallowing became too painful.

What makes the story even more moving is the fact that Tony’s wife Jackie has only recently battled cancer herself, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

Cancer is a cause close to Pete’s heart following his brother’s battle with the illness. Andrew Andre passed away aged 54 in December 2012 after suffering with kidney cancer and it left Pete devastated.

The singer has his own charity, the Peter Andre Fund, which supports the work of Cancer Research UK and he recently spoke of how he thinks Andrew might still have been here if his illness had been discovered sooner.

‘I lost my brother from cancer and as a family we really felt, had his cancer been detected early, it could have saved his life,’ the singer has said.

‘And that is the message we’re trying to get to people. If you think something’s wrong, go and get checked up.

‘It not only can save your life but in turn it will save all the heartache that your friends and family will go through seeing you go through such a horrible thing.’

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