Pharrell has become a bit of a feminist

Pharrell Williams admits he’s changed a lot as an artist since his rapper days.

The music maestro released first solo album In My Mind back in 2006 but found it so unenjoyable to make that he nearly gave up on his performing career, deciding to stick with producing instead.

‘It was a dreadful experience,’ says Pharrell, 41.

‘It was just too much. I wasn’t thinking about life in the right way. I thought my days as an artist were over.

‘I didn’t like what I was saying. I wasn’t comfortable with that. [I’m a] father now and my life has changed.’

Pharrell – who has son Rocket, 5, with wife Helen Lasichanh – admits women have become his muse, something he chose to focus on for his recently-released second album Girl.

‘I love women and often admire their eyes, lips and other features of their bodies in a sometimes suggestive way,’ the singer tells The Sun.

‘But I respect and hold what would be called “a feminist view” too. I want to spread the message of the pertinence of women on this planet.

‘It calls for the equivocation of women in society. Women don’t get paid as much as men do and we have a perception of a male-dominated world.

‘There may be some domineering chauvinistic forces. But men just would not be here without women. I needed to say that on the album.’

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Anna Francis