Meet the face (or should that be cheeks!?) of Phillip Schofield's bum double from the new Text Santa video, Dominic Van Bunnens. WARNING: This article contains bare bottoms...

It’s fair to say we did a double take when Phillip Schofield appeared to flash his BUM in a cheeky new Text Santa video.

The video sees Philip strolling through the This Morning studio apparently sans trousers – which co-host Holly Willoughby points out by asking, ‘Haven’t you, erm, forgotten something?’ whilst she glances down at Phil’s, ahem, ‘area.’

The camera then cuts to a very pert bottom – no doubt causing squeals up and down the country. Check it out below!

But we can reveal that sadly (or maybe not, depending on how you feel about Philip Schofield’s backside) it’s not the silver fox’s cheeks on display in the vid – because he had a BUM DOUBLE.

That bum double is model and actor Dominic Van Bunnens (BUNnens! Come on! This is killing us…), and we tracked him down to find out what it was like posing as Philip Scholfield’s behind – and getting his kit off in front of the lovely Holly Willoughby.

Chatting over email, Dominic told us: ‘As the day of filming grew nearer, I became more apprehensive when I found out that I would indeed need to be naked from the waist down, with something to cover my modesty – and that I would be walking towards Holly as they filmed me.

‘On the day of filming I was told by the studio that I would be wearing a Christmas jumper and was then handed a sock. You can guess where that was for.’

He added: ‘No man thinks he will meet Holly in that kind of outfit! But as my moment drew closer, I used my experience of filming to muster up my confidence and just went for it.’

Despite having plenty of experience of being in front of the camera, Dominic admits he hesitated over accepting the role of Phil’s butt: ‘I did think twice. I’ve never done a naked shoot, let alone represent a national treasure like Phillip Schofield.’

And he confesses to doing additional workouts in the run-up to the shoot to ensure his cheeks were camera-ready: ‘I doubled up on my gym workouts to make sure that my bum looked the part.’

It seems those extra gym sessions were worth it, as Dom – who also runs Silver Fox Media, a company that represents sports broadcasters – reports that the response to the cheeky video has been positive.

He said: ‘There’s nothing quite like waiting to see your bare bum on national TV, and since it was aired I’ve had people contact me asking what exercises I do to get ‘the perfect bum’ which is flattering.

Dom added: ‘I wonder if I should release a ‘Perfect Bum’ fitness dvd – ha ha!’

On the evidence presented in this video, we’d buy it…

Watch the cheeky Text Santa video – and see Dominic posing as Philip Schofield’s bum – below