Oh Phillip, you silver fox, you

Embarrassing parenting stories are probably not hard to come by, but when you are a TV star, they tend to get documented a lot more. So Phillip Schofield‘s poor kids have to live with this AMAZING skit of Schofe dressed as a member of the Pussycat Dolls.

In series six of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway – you know, one of the most popular shows in the country – The Cube presenter donned some very choice lingerie.

Talking about the embarrassing parenting stories on This Morning with Holly Willoughby, he said his daughters aren’t the greatest fans of his appearance in a leopard print bra, black mini skirt, heels and make up.




And let’s not forget the hoop earrings, which led Holly to say: ‘Are you sure you didn’t ask to be Pam St. Clement? Look at the earrings.’

Phil bit back: ‘How dare you? Look at the legs.’

Hey! Pat Butcher is THE fashion MVP.

Holly admitted she hasn’t had the chance to embarrass her kids yet as they are a bit too young, but her own mother has managed to do it a few times.

Apparently her mum found her on the sofa with a boy and said: ‘I’m your worst nightmare.’

That’s a mood killer.

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Holly is actually a twin of her mother in this photo that she shared before going on air for This Morning.

It’s not hard to see where the mum-of-three gets her good looks from.

Phillip Schofield, on the other hand, might need to get a few more tips from his stylist co-host.