Cher Lloyd goes for a new look


Cher Lloyd‘s come a long way since her days on The X Factor.

When we first saw her at the talent show’s auditions, she had long flowing brunette locks.

But once her time on the programme was up, Cher quickly underwent an image overhaul and dyed her hair bright red.

‘I wanted something that would sort of represent me, that’s fiery and outgoing,’ says Cher, 17.

‘So I thought a bit of a red would do me good. I want to get my nose pierced too.’

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The mini-rapper’s also now given her long waves the the chop and sports a heavy fringed bob in a new photo shoot.

Teaming her new ‘do with a regal elegant blue blouse and classy jewellery, Cher‘s temporarily left behind the short netted skirts and fluorescent pink accessories she’s famous for, and admits she loves to stand out.

‘I want to go for something completely different,’ she tells Wonderland magazine.

‘I’d just like people to see me as me. What’s the point in comparing?’

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Cher Lloyd was transformed for the Reality Royalty section in the new issue of Wonderland magazine.

Photography by Aitken Jolly courtesy of Wonderland (on sale 8 April).

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