He may play James Bond, but Daniel Craig wasn't always such a hunk...

Piercing blue eyes, muscly bod and a chiselled jaw…at 47, Daniel Craig looks every inch the classic Bond hero – but it turns out he hasn’t always looked like that. Bond fans, you may have to look away RIGHT NOW! We took a little trip down the time tunnel and found some verrrry questionable photos of Spectre actor from his acting past – Daniel Craig in a curly blonde wig, anyone?!

Back in the day, Daniel changed his barnet more than a Kardashian sister, ranging from a fetching Goldilocks style for his part in 90’s drama Our Friends in the North, followed by an auburn 18th century style wig for Moll Flanders in 1996 and a slicked-back jet black hair for his part in 2006 film Infamous. We literally can’t get over how much he has changed over the years!



It looks like all the (slightly humilitating) looks were worth it, though, with the announcement today that Spectre has set a British record by bringing in £40 million to the box office in its first week. We’d don any amount of awful wigs for that money, Daniel!

Lucky Daniel also got to meet Kate Middleton, Prince William AND Prince Harry at the premiere, which he attended with beautiful actress wife Rachel Weisz. Not a bad turn out for your special night, hey? Thankfully, Rachel and Daniel started dating in 2010, once all the bad wig drama was behind Daniel…although we’re sure she would have a good laugh if she saw these photos!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter