Big Brother winner Josie Gibson hits the town

Josie Gibson spent Wednesday night getting over her split from John James Parton as she partied with friends in London.

The Big Brother 11 winner and her Aussie hunk are having a relationship break and John, 25, has moved out of the home they were sharing, taking all his belongings with him back to Australia.

‘I’ve been a cow,’ admits Josie, 26. 

‘I’ve got no one to blame for this but myself. John has said things which have really, really upset me.

‘But my temper is way out of line.’

But Josie showed no hint of sadness as she attended the Children’s Champions Awards at the Grosvenor Hotel, glammed-up in a red gown and laughing with friends.

The Bristol babe was joined by her ‘good mucker’ Mia, who she kissed and fooled around with in the taxi, as well as a male friend and Maria Fowler from hit show The Only Way Is Essex.

‘My head feels like its not really here. lol How’s ur head? Sambuca hangovers r a killer,’ the 26-year-old Tweeted to a friend the next day.

‘I’m not apologising 4 my jive lol I had lovely night. Mia sends her love lol x.’

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