We've done some very in-depth scientific research on presenter Melanie Sykes and concluded that she is not ageing at all

Somewhere out there, in a dusty attic, is a haggard, elderly painting of Melanie Sykes.

It’s a literary joke, you guys. A reference to a book called Dorian Grey? By Oscar Wilde? We’re being highbrow for once.

Forget it, yeah?

Our point is that presenter Mel Sykes is 44 and hasn’t aged at all in the 20-odd years she’s been on telly.

Right from the mid-nineties when she was on those Boddingtons beer adverts and helping present The Big Breakfast, to her years on Today With Des and Mel in the early noughties, right through to her more recent times on Let’s Do Lunch With Gino & Mel – the woman hasn’t aged a day.

AND she’s a mother! How can running around after two boys, Roman, 12, and Valentino, 10, not have aged her at least a little bit? It doesn’t seem fair.

Especially when you hear from Mel herself that she didn’t even do any exercise until she was 37. THIRTY SEVEN.

She said recently, ‘I didn’t start training and going to the gym until I was 37 but now I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. I’ve always been pretty slim, but now I’m more toned and athletic-looking.’

And her advice for those of us hoping to look this good in our forties?

‘I walk everywhere. Everyone should walk as much as they can to clear their head,’ she’s previous said.

She added, ‘I never get on the scales. But I am a size 10 and I go by what fits me. Years ago, there was a diet called Fit For Life, which involved eating fruit until lunch and not mixing proteins and carbs. I was very slim and there was pressure to look a certain way. I don’t diet now.’

But the Lancashire-born presenter, who’s had her breasts enhanced, but says, ‘I have no plans for more surgery – where do you go after your boobs?’ insists that she HAS aged.

Mel says, ‘I notice more wrinkles. I have had grey hairs since I was 24 but I colour my hair.’

Hmm. We’re not buying it. Our gallery of proof is above.

Let’s all go away from this feeling bad about ourselves and our stupid, ageing bodies.

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Lucy Vine