Still feeling highly emotional about the end of Downton Abbey approaching? Need something else Downton Abbey related to cushion the blow? Well, look no further! Check out these pictures of what our favourite TV characters looked like back in the day!

Emotions are running high for everyone because the end is near for our favourite period drama. Yes, it’s true; the final series of Downton Abbey is back and we don’t know whether to be excited or burst into tears!

The upcoming series has got us all wondering what will occurr for the mighty upper class Crawley’s and Grantham’s, and of course, their loyal, lovable, downstairs servants.

Who will get a happy ending? Will every character even make it to the end? Who knows! There is nothing to do now but wait to see how the much-loved drama will unfold.



But we have got a huge treat in store for all the hardcore Downton lovers. Have you ever wondered what the cast of the series used to look like? We’ll let you in on a secret – they weren’t always so groomed and gracious!

The uptown women were not always so lady-like – check out the picture of Michelle Dockery looking more ‘my fair lady’ than lady Mary!

Hugh Bonneville‘s curly locks used to have a mind of their own, Jim Carter once rocked a funky moustache and Joanne Froggatt looked like she’d never seen sunlight.

There are some faces that haven’t changed of course – we can practically see the essence of Martha Levinson in Shirley Maclaine’s younger face!

The flawless Maggie Smith was just as perfect in her younger days, as was Elizabeth McGovern. They could both have easily gone down the ‘model’ route but lucky for us, they chose acting!

Before we all start sobbing our Downton-devoted hearts out, we have to get through the final series; so it isn’t quite time to wave the epic drama goodbye just yet!

Downton Abbey is on Sunday nights on ITV at 9pm – do not miss out!

Alice Murray