TV judge furious with Radio 1 DJ


Piers Morgan has lashed out at Radio One breakfast show host Chris Moyles for interfering in his spat with Jonathan Ross.

‘Chris Moyles has hurled his podgy frame into my feud,’ he snaps.

‘It would have been slightly more credible if the same Chris Moyles hadn’t fawned all over me like a lovesick puppy when we met by chance at Gatwick Airport earlier this year.’

Last week Chris, 34, told his listeners, ‘Piers Morgan is the most deluded man on the planet’.

Piers, 43, reckons the DJ is just trying to appear loyal to his pal.

‘I don’t mind you ranting about me on air, Lardy Boy,’ he tells Chris is his Live magazine column, ‘but I suspect your dwindling army of fans would rather see a more consistent, and indeed courageous, policy when we next come face to face.’

The verbal jousting between the 2 TV hosts began when Jonathan, 47, said Piers wasn’t qualified to judge Britain’s Got Talent and Piers accused Jonathan of being ‘sycophantic, smarmy, simpering and increasingly lecherous’.

Claudia Lopes