Britain's Got Talent star wants DJ to be sacked from Radio 1


Piers Morgan has launched an astonishing attack on Radio 1‘s Chris Moyles.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge thinks the DJ’s become too cocky following rumours he was going to be sacked from the BBC.

‘The loudmouth lardbucket has been viciously laying into his critics for daring to suggest he may be on his way out of the Breakfast Show,’ rants Piers.

‘”I’m not going anywhere!” he yelled at his listeners. “Apart from anything else, there’s no-one else, I’m the best!” And he is. At being a revolting, foul-mouthed, offensive braggart.’

Piers, 44, who has had a long-standing feud with Chris, 35, wants him off the air waves.

Moyles also faces another, more pressing problem. He’s just too old for Radio 1,’ he writes on his blog.

‘It’s supposed to be a hip young music station for kids. Not a platform for a fat, middle-aged northern bloke to settle scores and spit bile. If Radio 1 are NOT thinking of firing him from the Breakfast Show, then they should be.’

Radio 1 and Chris have denied reports that he will be axed next year.

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Alison Adey