X Factor judge is pleasantly surprised by dancer's intelligence

Piers Morgan was pleasantly surprised when he chatted to Chery Cole‘s new boyfriend Derek Hough at a weekend dinner party in Los Angeles.

The X Factor judge discovered the American dancer is well informed about British politics.

‘Within seconds, we were debating, at his instigation, the merits of the Conservative/Liberal alliance currently running our country,’ Piers, 45, reveals.

The former Daily Mirror editor reckons Cheryl, 27, has improved her taste in men since dumping Ashley Cole, 29.

He doubts that the Chelsea footballer has much to say about the relationship between David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

‘No offence to Ashley, but I doubt he even knows how to write an “X” when you vote,’ Piers quips in his Inside column in The Mail On Sunday. 

Derek, by marked contrast, was intelligent, charming and very, very protective of Cheryl.’

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