Oh dear!

After hitting our telly screens almost 20 years ago, Holly Willoughby has earned her spot as the nation’s sweetheart.

Holly Willoughby

But according to Piers Morgan, now the This Morning star’s ‘halo is starting to slip’ after she played a cheeky prank on him last week.


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While filming for her panel show Celebrity Juice, 38-year-old Holly was caught wrecking the set of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories alongside fellow team captain Paddy McGuinness.

Taking to Instagram, 53-year-old Piers posted a screenshot of the presenter sticking her middle fingers up to the camera.

Alongside the snap, GMB star Piers vowed to get his own back, as he joked: ‘When the halo slips… I’ll exact revenge for this outrage @hollywilloughby@mcguinness.paddy & it will make your trashing of my Life Stories set look like a tea party. @celebjuiceofficial.’

And it seems as though some of his followers agree, as one wrote: ‘Yep the halo has definitely slipped!’

‘Can’t wait to see what you do,’ said another, while a third added: ‘There’s going to be hell.’

Troublemaker Piers also declared ‘nuclear war’ on Holly during Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain after the show shared a sneak-peek of this week’s Celebrity Juice.

In the clip, host Keith Lemon tells the team captains to: ‘Smash up Piers Morgan’s Life Stories set.’

The celeb pair then ran around the ITV studio throwing toilet roll on the floor and ruining the pillows.

‘F*** you Morgan,’ Paddy shouts, as Holly adds: ‘Get this stuffing out!’

But while co-host Susanna Reid found the whole thing hilarious, Piers did not look impressed as he said: ‘Two words, McGuiness, Holly Willoughby – dead meat.

‘Oh don’t worry, revenge is a dish best tasted cold. Chillingly cold,’ before declaring ‘nuclear war’.

‘You’ve just sentenced yourself, the pair of you to a lifetime of hell and I will be coming for you shortly,’ he said.

To which Susanna warned: ‘And do you know what, that’s quite chilling because when Piers Morgan says that he kind of means it.’

Watch this space!