The Britain's Got Talent judge


Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan has become far more alluring to the ladies since he joined the show.

‘I always thought I was attractive, but no woman agreed,’ he quips. ‘Now that I’m famous, women are like: “Ooh, isn’t he lovely?”‘

The former Mirror editor, 44, enjoys having heart-to-heart chats with well-known faces and his dream celebrity date would be Cheryl Cole.

‘I’d like to take her out and ask her: “What are you thinking?”,’ says Piers. ‘”We all love you. What is going on with Cashley?” And, as an Arsenal fan, I’m only basing that on what he did to us. He let us down. He lets everyone down.’

If Piers could have sex with any fantasy woman – with girlfriend Celia’s permission – he’s got his eye on a couple of big names.

‘She’s already told me I can have sex with Cindy Crawford, who she thinks is the most perfect woman alive. I’m still trying to angle for extra permission for Scarlett Johansson.’

See the full interview with Piers Morgan in Now magazine dated 25 May 2009 – out now!