Supermodel angry at former Mirror editor for laughing at Pete's singing

A disgruntled Kate Moss got Piers Morgan kicked out of a party after he laughed at her boyfriend’s singing.

Kate, 32, and Pete Doherty, 27, were partying at the Moet et Chandon masked ball in Twickenham when they bumped into the former Daily Mirror editor.

Writing in his diary column in The Mail On Sunday, Piers said he stumbled across the pair as Pete was singing along to the Small Faces song Itchycoo Park which was playing on the karaoke machine.

‘I assumed it was a wind-up, and laughed,’ he writes. ‘But it wasn’t. Kate flashed me an angry stare.

‘Then Pete bumped into a wall and I laughed even louder. And if you laugh that loudly while wearing a mask, then you eventually need air. I dropped the mask.

‘Kate saw my face and gasped in horror.’

The supermodel then asked security to remove Piers. ‘I glanced back at Kate,’ he writes. ‘She’d scrunched her face into a tight, merciless ball of blind triumphant fury.’