Will this ever end?

Piers Morgan has hit out at Little Mix after he accused them of ‘fat-shaming’ him at the 2019 BRIT Awards last night.

The Good Morning Britain host took to Twitter to publicly shame Perrie Edwards, 25, Jesy Nelson, 27, Jade Thirwall, 26, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 27, after they laughed when a joke was made at his expense by BRITS host Jack Whitehall.


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Reminding the foursome of when Piers accused the band of using nudity to sell albums, Jack said to Jesy: ‘Piers Morgan didn’t like that picture where you stripped off naked.

‘Which is weird, because you know, voluptuous breasts and four chins it must be like looking in the mirror for him.’

While the girls didn’t respond to the comment, they did giggle awkwardly as they looked around the table and placed their hands over their mouths.

Jack continued: ‘Jess what would you say to that dutty waste man?’ to which Jesy exclaimed: ‘Jack?!’

This was all the ammunition Piers needed to retaliate, accusing LM of being hypocrites after they campaigned for body confidence.

He said on Twitter: ‘Shocked & disappointed to see @LittleMix LAUGH as @jackwhitehall fat-shames me on national television.

‘It’s just this kind of public negative body image mockery that the same @LittleMix campaigned against & of which I am now a victim.

‘Shame on you, ladies! #BRITS.’

He also tweeted: ‘And as for chins, at least I’ve got some, you chinless little weed @jackwhitehall. #BRITS.’

Little Mix and Piers fell out when he claimed they were using ‘nudity’ to sell their music after they got naked for their single Strip.

The girls covered their bodies in the insults they’d received throughout their career in a bid to inspire young people to feel confident.

Little Mix Strip

Photo: Rankin

But Piers wasn’t a fan.

‘Oh god these people!’ the 53-year-old exclaimed. ‘What is empowering about this? I mean, seriously! Get your kit off, airbrush yourself to an inch of your lives and put a bunch of horrible words on yourself.’

He added: ‘What’s the point of it other than using nudity to sell albums? It’s stripping off to sell records. It’s using sex to sell records – that’s it. There’s nothing else to that. I don’t get it.’