Piers decided to give the reality star an unexpected pop quiz...

Love Island‘s Jonny Mitchell should have known he was in for a grilling when he sat down on the Good Morning Britain sofa opposite Piers Morgan.

But controversial telly presenter, Piers left the reality hunk squirming when he unexpectedly sprung a general knowledge quiz on him during Monday’s show.

Yup, Piers – who’s not been shy about slamming the ITV2 show in the past – started off by questioning his guest: ‘Jonny what’s 11 times 15?’

To which co-host Susanna Reid – who, like the rest of us, can’t get enough of the villa – chipped in: ‘That’s not the reason he’s in Love Island, it’s because of his good looks.’

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Looking VERY uncomfortable, a flustered Jonny replied: ‘Maths isn’t my strong point, so don’t put me on the spot!’

But not letting the pop quiz go, Piers insisted he should at least ‘have a guess’, to which the 26-year-old offered ‘160′.

Unfortunately Jonny wasn’t right and a smug Piers replied: ‘Not bad its 165,‘ before immediately firing ANOTHER general knowledge question at the poor Islander.

Who is the Chancellor of Germany?’ he quipped, as Jonny pleaded:Come on, lets move on.’

Viewers were NOT happy with Piers Morgan on GMB [Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock]

Jonny did manage to prove the 52-year-old host wrong when he got the answer right.

But the third question – asking him if he knew the value of Pi – was met with a rather blunt response of: ‘Absolutely not.’

Luckily, Susanna was on hand to save the Essex lad from another quick-fire round, but that didn’t stop cheeky Piers from getting one final dig in calling the Islanders ‘dimwits’ and ‘stupid’.

At this point, Jonny did decided to get a jibe in himself and hit back: ‘Gosh, lighten up, Piers! I don’t think the show is stupid at all. It’s just entertainment. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, mate, but the main audience is younger people, not you. No offence.’

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Unsurprisingly, viewers were not at all impressed with the interview and took to Twitter to slam Piers for his ‘rude’ presenting.

‘What a shame Piers has to try and humiliate him!’ said one follower.

Another added: ‘Jesus Christ, Piers Morgan is even more obnoxious and condescending than usual today. Shut up, man.’

A third chipped in: ‘Piers was so rude to Jonny – leave him alone. Some guys don’t need brains to be attractive. Feeling jealous much?!’

And they weren’t the only ones…

Eeek! We think it’s safe to say Piers is NOT a fan of Love Island. Luckily the rest of the nation is, so…