'It's a complete joke'

Piers Morgan has slammed the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, in a furious rant after it emerged tennis fans were banned from taking pictures of her at Wimbledon.

The former Suits actress made an appearance at the iconic tournament last week, enjoying a day in the Royal Box alongside friends Genevieve Hillis and Lindsay Roth.

In a column in The Daily Telegraph today, Sally Jones claimed Meghan’s security team asked her not to take any pictures of the Duchess.

She wrote: ‘Watching Serena Williams in action on Court 1 at Wimbledon, I was happily snapping shots of the superstar American powering down huge serves when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

‘”Would you not take photographs of the Duchess,” a voice ordered politely. “She’s here in a private capacity.”

‘No wonder there is a growing tide of resentment against the Sussexes for their secretive, high maintenance attitude and diva-ish demands for privacy when it suits them – despite the eye-wateringly expensive, taxpayer-funded refit of Frogmore Cottage.’

The allegations of the Duchess’ request for privacy had Piers ranting live on Good Morning Britain today, slating her for being a ‘hypocrite’.

The ITV host said: ‘A private capacity… in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. As the Duchess of Sussex.


‘This is so ridiculous, this obsession that her and Harry have about privacy.

‘It’s rankly hypocritical and they’re not private people, they’re the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We get to pay for their mansion, we get to do all of this…’

When fellow GMB presenter Susanna Reid said she was sympathetic over the Royal’s desire to stay private at the sporting event, Piers hit back: ‘In the Royal Box at Wimbledon. With the world’s cameras beamed on their heads.

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‘It’s not a private place. If you want to be private don’t go to the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

‘Honestly, it’s a complete joke. You’ve got to work out what you want to be – do you want to be public or private?

‘If you go to Wimbledon in your free tickets in the Royal Box, the best seats in the house for nothing, and you take your two bezzies… you’re public people.

‘If you want to be private, go back to America and live privately.’