Good Morning Britain lost out to This Morning for Best Daytime Show

Piers Morgan shocked audience members at the TV Choice Awards last night when he slammed Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as ‘snivelling little b*****ds’ in a foul-mouthed rant, after Good Morning Britain lost out to This Morning for Best Daytime Show.

And he’s now added he ‘couldn’t be less happy’ for the presenting duo for winning the award for the fourth year running.

In his impromptu TV Choice Awards speech, Piers sarcastically said: ‘I just want to say how thrilled I am for everybody at This Morning. Anyone loves you guys more than you love each other its me.

‘Love you, love you so much.’


He then turned around and added: ‘Actually I don’t love you I hate you, you snivelling little b*****ds.

‘Every time we come to these things I get told it’s our time. It’s never our time, it’s always their time. F**k you and f**k your awards!’

Piers finished his speech by sneering: ‘We’re all part of one big happy family. Are we f**k!’

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Phil and Holly took a wildly different approach when it came to having their say on This Morning.

With a rather smug look on his face, Phil said, ‘It was a lovely moment. We thought we’d dedicate this year’s award to Piers Morgan.

‘Piers Morgan, whose middle names are spittle and bile, if you want to pop in and hold it, we’ll leave it here for you. You can maybe come and have your picture taken with it. We love you Piers.’

And Piers, hitting back again, shared the video of Holly and Phil, writing, ‘Couldn’t be less happy for you…’