The GMB presenter is clearly not a fan!

Love Island has pretty much consumed the nation’s evenings since the start of the series, and Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan decided to see what all the fuss was about and tuned in to an episode, but it’s safe to say he was not impressed!

Taking to Twitter Piers very honestly aired his thoughts after watching his first ever ep, the controversial presenter wrote: ‘Watching my 1st episode of Love Island. It will also be my last. My brain can’t suffer this kind of damage’

However the criticism didn’t stop there!

On Wednesday morning’s Good Morning Britain, Piers felt it only right to express his true feelings during Richard Arnold‘s showbiz section.

Piers went on a serious rant and even went as far as showing viewers his hilarious impersonations of some of the contestants.

The presenter said: ‘I have never watched a more cretinous bunch of people living in a more cretinous manner in my entire life’

Piers then continued: ‘I don’t get it, what is going on? They are the most stupid collection of people ever amassed’ Ouch!

Despite his hatred of the show his co-presenter Susanna Reid is pretty much a super fan.

After Piers claimed the show caused him ‘brain damage’ Susanna was quick to respond and was more than happy to take one for the team.

Susanna wrote: ‘Couldn’t handle it? Never mind, I’ll keep you up to date.’

Susanna then took to Twitter this morning to reveal why she loved the show so much, and probably to the disappointment of her fellow presenter she pretty much loves it because he hates it!

Susanna even has her own theory of why Piers dislikes the show so much, she was quick to state that he was clearly enviable of the lads’ seriously toned bods saying: ‘What he means is he was intimidated by the abs!’

Here, here Susanna!